Our Services

Gippsland Concrete Recycling has over 20 years of experience with recycling hard waste like concrete, brick and asphalt into re-usable aggregate and road base.

These products have a wide range of use like making driveways and hard stand areas from scratch, base for concrete slabs, aggregate for aggie drains, etc.

We provide onsite crushing and screening, demolishing and trucking services. Our equipment includes a  30-ton Excavator, 50-ton Impact crusher, shredder and a tandem truck with optional tri-axle / quad dog trailer.


Removal of concrete slabs, brick walls, concrete water tanks, sheds, driveways, picking up concrete/brick waste.

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Aggregate Supply

We supply Aggregate in all different sizes from 14mm to 90mm.

Our most popular product is our 20Bgrade recycled concrete, it has fine concrete dust through it for maximum compaction.